An Overview Of The Jpilot-DB Application

April 30th, 2012

JPilot-DB is a sister project of pilot-db. JPilot-DB provides a desktop application for creating and editing database files that can be read on the Palm with pilot-db. Together, these two applications provide a complete desktoppalm solutions for your database needs


  • run anywhere
  • JPilot-DB is written in Java™, so it can run on any platform that supports a Java™ 2 Virtual Machine.
  • easy to use
  • Automatic installation of palm databases onto palm after editing the database
  • JPilot-DB uses the same icons as the Pilot-DB Palm application to avoid confusion.
  • Wizard-Based importing/exporting
  • extensive support for pilot-db format
  • JPilot-DB modifies Pilot-DB files in place. There’s no intermediate IFO or CSV files involved. This allows extensive support of all features within Pilot-DBs database format. Examples of advanced features are listed below.
  • Supports view and table schema modification
  • Supports links,linked AND calculated field types
  • importing/exporting capabilities
  • Wizard based import for XML,HTML and CSV
  • Easy exports for PDF,RTF,XML,CSV

New Code For Betfair Cash Out Function

September 7th, 2014

JPilot has been seconded to provide additional code for online and mobile versions of the Betfair cash out function. The operation of this to the front end user is described below.

What Is The Betfair Cash Out “First Time Bonus”?

The Betfair Cash Out function is one that is used by customers all over the world and involves the ability to put a bet on an event but take a percentage of the profits to stop the bet during the event.

So, for a brief example, if you were to put a bet on a team to win but found with a few minutes left that, whilst they were winning things were a little shaky, you could take a high percentage of the winnings out early and not have to worry about whether the original bet wins or loses.

You can do this with accumulators, or “accas” too – put a bet on four teams and if they are all winning (or not as the case may be) you can use the Betfair cash out button to take an amount that the bookies are willing to offer at that time.

Cash Out Used Over 1 Million Times

As the proud originators of the cash out, which has now been used by customers over one million times, Betfair are the only bookmakers that are offering a special bonus for anyone that uses the function for the first time. To do this the user only has to log into the website and ‘opt in’ to the special offers area that hold their promotions. Oh, and obviously it has to be the first time you’ve used the ‘cash out’ option!

The bet then has to be placed on an accumulator of three matches or more that are eligible for cash out and set off.

You then need to monitor your bets as normal and, when you cash out (if you want to of course) you can claim a 50% bonus on your winnings up to £25.

This is a great way to be introduced to the Betfair cash out system and is an excellent bonus alongside the normal free bet that you can claim from the company. To learn more about the free bet offer and the Betfair cash out function to see how you can maximise your profits visit the Total Betting Systems website for more details.

Types of Online Casino Software

July 20th, 2013

While there might be quite a number of online casinos out there today, there are just a handful when it comes to casino software types and providers. Online casinos generally operate by leasing the software from these providers, who develop their own, unique versions of popular casino games – providing players with the feel of a brick-and-mortar casino from their own homes.

Casino software, by definition, consists of two main types: downloadable software and instant play software. With instant play software, you can play casino games via your browser itself, while downloadable software requires you to download and install the software first, before using it. Both have their own merits; the differentiating factor being, instant play software allows the players to play the casino games instantly from any computer, while downloadable software generally has more games, better graphics and sound effects, and enhanced security features.

We will now take a brief look at five of the major online casino software providers in existence, as follows:

1) Microgaming:

In business since 1994, Microgaming is the largest and the most popular software provider in the online casino industry. They supposedly launched the very first official online casino nearly twenty years ago, and are still going strong, powering over 160 online casinos worldwide, and with more than 600 unique games – including slot-based games such as the Tomb Raider slot and the Lord of the Rings slot, among others. Thanks to their stringent gaming standards, innovation, and a strong reputation for quality, they have managed to stay at the forefront of the online gaming industry

2) Realtime Gaming (RTG):

An established player in the online gaming industry, RTG prides themselves on the speed of their platforms, realistic graphics, and the flexibility in using the gaming software. On the other hand, however, one detrimental issue is the relative ease of getting a license for their software, which has led to quite a few rogue operators using the same. Hence, due research is recommended before playing on their platform.

3) Playtech:

Playtech is one of the biggest publicly traded online gaming software providers, boasting a very impressive array of casino games, along with some of the leading gambling companies using their platforms. They offer not only casino games, but also include poker software, bingo, and wide range of arcade games, among others. With a very user-friendly, feature-rich, and secure gaming environment – along with their “unified platform” technology – they are well poised to be at the top of the line in the near future.

4) Cryptologic:

Also a publicly listed company, Cryptologic are known for their wide, innovative range of online casino games and products, including the Marvel slots, and the popular jackpot games – Millionaires Club, and Rags to Riches. Their award-winning software and gaming innovations have made Cryptologic one of the most respected providers in the industry.

5) WagerWorks:

WagerWorks took off when they were acquired by International Gaming Technology, the world’s leading slot machine manufacturer, and have come a long way since. They enjoy exclusive rights to some of the most popular slots, including Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly, which are highly sought after. However, one of their major shortcomings is that they do not allow players from the United States, even to play for free.

Overviews Of Mobile Betting Apps, Pros And Cons

July 19th, 2013

When it comes to betting on the go, there are a whole range of choices to be made as to which mobile betting app you should use; Which one you do choose will very much depend on what phone you have and what features you want from the app.

Firstly, if you have an iPhone pretty much every betting app will be open to you, the same goes for those who use an Android phone, for blackberry users to choice is slightly less desirable. Windows phone users have even less choice than those with a blackberry.

If you’re looking for the highest matched bet then the app to use is Bet365’s, who offer £200 worth of free bets. In terms of the actual app, it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use with a trusted brand name attached; They also offer live streaming on certain events. The only negative is a small number of reports regarding the app freezing, whilst this is only prevalent in a minority of users if it happens when trying to place a bet it can be extremely frustrating.

If you’re a Sky customer you might want to consider the Sky Bet mobile app as they offer a number of rewards to customers using their over services. Their Sky bet app is extremely stylish and probably the most intuitive. It has recently been updated to run faster and more efficiently, there are few reports of technical problems with the app. Live score updates are included with the app for supported events, a nice touch.

Ladbrokes is probably among the weakest in the mobile betting app world; Their app just isn’t up to scratch, especially when compared to other major betting apps. The UI is un-intuitive with a sluggish interface with numerous reports of freezes and crashes. A currently disappointing offering from one of the major players in the betting market.

Betfair, a favourite among punters for their great odds have designed a strong mobile betting app. The user interface is sleek and easy to navigate (And one of the most stylish apps, on par with Sky). Being able to cash out on an in-play bet is an interesting feature. Technically the app seems decent with no major problems, very few reports of freezes or crashes.

Finally we have paddypower, a pretty average app in comparison with it’s competitors. The interface is pretty easy to use, not particularly stylish but decent. The problems come in it’s performance, it’s simply a bit too slow and sluggish at times, there is also quite a number of reports about the app crashing totally which is very frustrating.

If You Are Looking To Acquire A Game System You May Want To Consider The Playstation 2

July 7th, 2013

Have you noticed that everybody keeps wanting the newest video games, this particularly goes for your children. I don’t know if you remember the Atari 2600, but that was the first video game I ever possessed. And just like youngsters today I used to spend 8 hours a day playing it. Now thinking about it, these days we are constantly telling our kids to get outdoors and get some fresh air instead of playing those games. Then not surprisingly after we tell them to go outside the house we will still end up getting them the new game anyway. However we’re going to offer you with a couple of reasons why you should stick with or perhaps get the playstation 2.

To start with the playstation 2 is going to cost you a whole lot less money as compared to if you were to get the playstation 3. The truth is if you purchase the playstation 2 through Amazon you can get the slim black design for $99.99 and they also provide you with free shipping on this item. The cost of the ps3 is $300, which is a lot more cash. Even though the ps3 can in fact play your DVD’s, this doesn’t seem to be really worth the extra $200.

Many of you might be thinking that they don’t even make games for the playstation 2 nowadays. The reality is that Sony remains to be making new game titles for this player, just not as many as they are doing for their ps3. One other way you will be able to save money by getting a ps2 is because the games for this unit can be picked up for under $10, which is a lot less than the as much as $50 for the ps3 games. Which means for the same selling price of one ps3 game you can get about 5 ps2 game titles.

You will probably find out that there are hundreds of games for the ps2, but since they are older your kids might have already played them. With any luck your kids will not want to play the games as much and may leave the house to play. Of course this is not to say that, this is actually going to happen, it very well may. I mean honestly for how long can you play a game for before you are wholly bored with it. But undoubtedly you will end up getting them new games from time to time but you will not be paying a fortune for them, like I said before you can get them for about $10.

These are merely a handful of reasons that the playstation 2 is a better option compared to the playstation 3. I actually purchased a ps3 once they first came out but ended up putting up for sale it in a couple of weeks. And I was very satisfied merely going back to my ps2. Should you decide to get this unit, you may be able to come across it in some of the malls but you will see that it will typically be cheaper if you order it from Amazon. So to be truthful, Amazon will be your best choice if you wish to get this.

The Qualities You Need For Success Online

July 5th, 2013

Our income and where it comes from is becoming more various. Most of us may not be in a position to work in one company until we retire. The want for more control of our lives might be one reason or being laid off might impose a change. One of the consequences of this, and maybe something that you are attempting as well, is the number of folks wanting to start a business on the Internet. The methods for making money online are diverse and there is plenty of information available. Still, a question you may want to ask yourself is whether you have the right attitude to be a success. So let’s have a look at the ways you should think to be successful online.

In starting a venture online, you have to know why you are doing it. To get moving and gather momentum, you need to picture what results you want and why you want them. The lifestyle you crave or the job you hate could both be a driving factor in what you want to do. The more intense your desire, the more liable you are to reach your goals. It will not always be simple, so you have to find ways to concentrate on your goals. Vision boards where you stick photographs of what you wish in your life can truly help you here. Make it a daily habit to visualize the things you want as being present in your life.

Being focused is the next thing we will examine now. A home office and being your own CEO is a set up you may have visualized before. Maintaining your focus is important since the lack of structure can be distracting at first. A usual mistake when starting out is to not see anything through and then moving onto something else too quickly. This is easy to do as there are thousands of people online who want you to see their freshest product or idea. Whatever you set out to do at the start of the day, you will want to get a habit of making certain you stick to it. If you end up not doing anything, this can be very discouraging.

The goal actually is to look for long-term success. If you can, keep your focus on your ultimate goal although some quick money is possible. View your first buyers as being important so that they will want to do business with you over again. Clients are people, so if you have a subscribers list, you need to remember that you are not just communicating with a name. If you help an individual achieve their aspirations and goals, there is a good chance you will also attain yours. This is a great outlook to have and one that is usually unfortunately missing.

If you can begin with the correct mindset and begin taking focused action, you can reach your goals online.

Finding And Fixing Usability Mistakes

February 12th, 2013

Do you know if you have designed usability mistakes into your business website?

It is possible you have never considered this. To turn things around, you need to learn about usability and how it can work for you. Anyone that has a website that performs poorly may have this problem for a variety of reasons. You probably have this problem because of poor usability. You can actually do a lot to make things better, improving your website and profits that you make. You can make a website very profitable despite changing a few usability factors here and there. And that’s why applying these principles to your site, though profitable already, can set the stage for more powerful business.

Mobile marketing is white hot and a mobile site is needed, but don’t rush into things until you learn more about it. This is all good news, and the reason for it is because there’s no reason to change anything regarding domains. The mobi has already been mentioned, and there’s no reason for you to get it. Creating a sub-domain takes all of five seconds and you’re good to go. The mobi sounded good and maybe was a good idea but for whatever reason it didn’t quite make it.

There are many important reasons to avoid the use of tables, and we have talked about that in other publications. Smaller devices people have and use for surfing the web cause big issues when they bump into tables. Be sure to use CSS so your site can be viewed in web TV and hand-held devices. Your site will be received in a more kindly manner by Google if you use CSS. If you’re not familiar with CSS, then it’s pretty easy to learn or you can outsource. There are loads more reasons why you should use CSS and never tables.

Mobile surfing is not as easy and images on your mobile site can make life harder. Some mobile users will turn off image display altogether because of the problems they cause. It’s all about the hardware mainly and graphics can just be a complete pain. Also, some users will disable images to keep data usage fees to a minimum. Don’t even try to duplicate the look and feel of your non-mobile site for your mobile site. If you’re not sure about what to do, then follow good usability and lose the mobile images. Usability mistakes can be so damaging for your site that learning how to avoid them should be top priority. If you’re unsure about your traffic quality, then that could also account for performance problems. Poor traffic quality cannot be saved by the terrific usability structure. Everything you do on your site will add in some way to how it performs.

J-Pilot Team Expands To Online Gaming

May 26th, 2012

The J-Pilot team have decided to expand our focus from database editing to online gaming apps, with a particular focus on mobile devices. The reasons for this are partly commercial and partly to help fulfill our own interests. Put simply – we like online gaming. It’s fun. So if we can combine work and fun, and make apps that people want to use, it’s a perfect fit for us.

It’s just amazing how big the online gaming industry has become. People no longer have to trail down to the betting shop or visit a casino, instead they can place their bet with an online bookmaker with very little restriction as to how much money they can gamble. To give you an idea of just how big the industry has become research has shown that in the UK alone more than £3 million is staked each day in online betting and what’s more, that figure is growing every day.

Of the many, many games available to play lots of people enjoy the thrills and fun of online poker and one of the new games appearing is Caribbean Stud Poker. In this game you play with the dealer and not the other people in the game. So as you can imagine, the objective of the game is to beat the dealer by having a better hand than he has. To start the game each player puts their first chosen card in the space on the table in front of them. If a player decides that he wants to go for the jackpot, then this bet has to be put at the side.

Once this is done, the cards are dealt to the players by the dealer. Each player is given five cards including the dealer himself. When he’s done this the dealer turns over one of his cards so that the other players can see it. Now it’s time for each player to look carefully at his own cards and decide what he is going to do. The choices are that h can place a bet or fold. Now if he wants to bet the player must bet an amount that is worth twice as much as the ante.

One bets have been placed it’s time for the dealer to turn over all the rest of his cards so the other players can see them. Now if the dealer is going to win he must have an ace or king as one of his cards. If he doesn’t have one of these cards then he must pay out to the players who have placed a bet.

It’s easy to see why a game of chance such as this is popular with so many people. The chance of winning large amounts of money is addictive and many people play on even when they lose because they think that their luck will change. It’s a well known fact however that most people will lose heavily in such a game and the dealer or house is the ultimate winner every time. However if you are content to play for chicken stakes the game can be lots of fun.

Campaign To Clean Up The Scum From Online Gaming

May 3rd, 2012

New York is taking the reigns in a campaign to get registered sex offenders out of the gaming world. The State Attorney, Eric Schneiderman has announced his partnership with numerous tech companies in an attempt to purge the thousands of sex offenders that are engaged in online gaming. He has called the move, “Operation: Game Over”.

Schneiderman says that to ensure a safe online gaming environment, it would be ridiculous to allow registered sex offenders to play on the same grounds as children. He is doing everything in his power to assure that there are no sex offenders on the virtual playground.

As of now, more than 3500 registered sex offender accounts have been removed from the online gaming world. They have been banned from Xbox Live and popular games like World of Warcraft. This is groundbreaking news and perhaps a little overdue. Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Disney interactive Media, Electronic Arts, Apple, Sony and Warner Brothers have all agreed to boot sex offenders off of their platforms as well. Quite a following. Good thing this idea caught fire.

It started when Richard Kretovic, a 19 year old boy, plead guilty to sexually abusing a 10 year old child that he met online through an Xbox Live account. He lured the boy to his home and then assaulted him. In response, New York authorities obtained a list of predators and began shutting them down. By law, the offenders have to register all forms of electronic communications and accounts, such as e-mail, screen names and other gamer tags.

According to a Pew Research Center study, 27 percent of gamers between the ages of 12 and 17 don’t know who they are playing with online. The actual results may be even higher. Even scarier, all the gaming consoles that offer online capability don’t force users to register a real name.

Microsoft has made it a mission to find more ways to keep the children who game online safe. There are over 40 million Xbox Live subscribers. By creating the laws that hold offenders to registering their online activities, there is less room for harmful activity.

This is a great thing for the online gaming world and more states should take action to remove sex offenders from their online platforms. Debates about the purging of sex offenders have even led to their removal from Facebook and Myspace. Soon it will be with other online social networks. Perhaps these are the first steps to abolishing online abuse. With new laws in place it will take a very savvy perp to pull off a horrible scheme to sexually abuse a child. There are parental controls available for children, but offenders often sneak by. The removal of their presence makes the most sense.